Keto Chocolate Cake

Keto Chocolate Cake

  • Keto Chocolate Cake

Cutting carbs and sugar out of your diet? We have a great recipe for you this month that does not deprive you of a seasonal treat! This Valentine’s Day, indulge with our delicious keto chocolate cake.

1 oz. dark, unsweetened baking chocolate
1 tbsp. grass-fed butter
Microwave these ingredients together for 30-45 seconds

Add this mixture to these ingredients:
3 tbsp. almond flour
3 tbsp. erythritol, stevia or monk fruit
½ tsp. baking powder
1 egg, beaten

Mix all ingredients together until they are a dough-like consistency
Microwave for an additional 60 seconds
Serve and enjoy!

Will you be making this recipe? Post a photo of your keto chocolate cake using the hashtag #MAMRecipe

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