Sweat It Out or Sleep It Off? 9 Common Exercise Dilemmas

While exercise is generally always recommended, in certain scenarios it may do more harm than good. Feeling under the weather? Just received a positive COVID-19 diagnosis? See what experts say about each of these scenarios and whether it is better to get some rest or continue getting in that workout.
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People with Migraines Get Less REM Sleep, Study Finds

REM, also known as rapid eye movement sleep, is believed to have an important influence on our learning and memory. Research suggests that those who suffer from migraines receive less REM sleep. Find out more about what studies led to this association and what you can do to help avoid migraine-related sleep issues.
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10 of the Healthiest Herbs and Spices and Their Health Benefits

Turmeric, ginger, cumin, and peppermint are among the healthiest herbs and spices that can give you multiple health benefits this fall and flu season. Research shows that these benefits can range from anti-inflammatory properties to cognitive boosters. Check out what these ten individual spices and herbs can do to help promote a healthy body and mind.
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Lifting Weights? Your Fat Cells Would Like to Have a Word.

We all know that lifting weights can build up our muscles. But by changing the inner workings of cells, weight training may also shrink fat, according to an enlightening new study of the molecular underpinnings of resistance exercise. The study, which involved mice and people, found that after weight training, muscles create and release little bubbles of genetic material that can flow to fat cells, jump-starting processes related to fat burning.

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Melatonin and Respiratory Infection Risk in Seniors

When most people hear “melatonin,” they think of a sleep-support supplement. Fair enough: the hormone is well shown to support healthy circadian rhythms and improve the quality of sleep. Thanks to melatonin’s strong antioxidant effects, however, it may also play a role in protecting us against the serious complications of respiratory tract infections.

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Does Coffee Raise Your Blood Sugar?

Caffeine can have a short-term impact on blood sugar, but other compounds in coffee and tea may help metabolic health in the long term. When it comes to coffee, you can get the same healthy compounds through balanced eating in fruits and vegetables.

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Rise to the Occasion with GainsWave

Don’t let erectile dysfunction keep you from living in the moment. GainsWave is the first effective non-drug, non-surgical treatment that uses pulse wave therapy to enhance erections, increase sensation, improve sexual performance and treat ED and Peyronie’s Disease. Contact Dr. Mark Koenig today to schedule your appointment at 619-795-6700. For more information, please visit

Highly Processed Foods Linked To Weight Gain

Eating a healthy diet can help lower your risk of certain diseases and maintain a healthy weight. A healthy eating plan is made up of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and fat-free or low-fat dairy products. Previous studies have suggested a link between diets high in “ultra-processed” foods and health problems. Ultra-processed foods have ingredients common in industrial food manufacturing, such as hydrogenated oils, high-fructose corn syrup, flavoring agents, and emulsifiers. They are often cheaper and more convenient than making a meal from whole foods. But they’re usually high in calories, salt, sugar, and fat. Click here to read more.

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