5 Headache Triggers You May Not Suspect

5 Headache Triggers You May Not Suspect

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Many people experience frequent or painful headaches without knowing some of the less obvious triggers.

Smoked Meats: Nitrates and nitrites that are typically used in packaged meat products such as deli meat and jerky have been known to trigger headaches for some people who get migraines.

Red Wine and Cheese: The tyramine contained in certain cheeses like cheddar and blue cheese as well as in red wines can bring on headaches because it restricts the blood vessels. Researchers add that the polyphenols in red wine may also restrict serotonin metabolism in the brain.

Dehydration: As water and electrolytes leave the body, blood vessels become narrower in order to conserve water and dehydration triggers pain-sensitive nerves in the head.

Brain Freeze: Almost everyone knows that eating cold or frozen foods too quickly causes brain freeze, but research suggests that it may also trigger headaches for those with sensitive teeth. 

Caffeine Withdrawal: Caffeine can have physiological effects on the vascular system, making vessels constrict or relax at different times. The best way to manage these types of headaches is to slowly reduce caffeine intake.

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