Minerals for Memory & Mood

Minerals for Memory & Mood

  • Minerals for Memory & Mood

Taking iron and zinc supplements may improve cognitive skills and improve mood, especially for women who lack these minerals. Iron is vital to the creation of hemoglobin and myoglobin which transports oxygen in muscles, while zinc is an essential element in enzymes that are involved in key biological functions. Researchers have uncovered the role that iron and zinc play in maintaining both physical and psychological health among women, stating that iron supplementation appears to enhance memory and intellectual ability. Findings may also suggest a positive effect of zinc levels on better cognitive and emotional functioning

Gut Bacteria May Help Decrease Stroke

  • Gut Bacteria May Help Decrease Stroke

Stroke is currently the second leading cause of death, most commonly caused by blockages preventing blood from reaching the brain. A new study has found that certain types of gut bacteria are able to leverage the immune system to reduce the severity of a stroke. Researchers treated mice with antibiotics and observed an approximate 60 percent smaller stroke as compared to mice that received no antibiotics. Authors explain that the microbial environment in the gut told immune cells to defend the brain, therefore protecting it from the stroke’s full force. Findings also open up the possibility that changing the gut’s macrobiotic properties by altering nutrition, could serve as a new way to prevent stroke in the future.

Chocolate Consumption Reduces Risk of Heart Attack

  • Chocolate Reduces Risk of Heart Attack

Past research has revealed a number of benefits that chocolate has on a person’s health. Recent studies have further examined whether eating chocolate is linked to lower risk of ischaemic heart disease. Approximately 67,640 healthy men and women participated in the Swedish study. Researchers found that three or more servings of chocolate a week reduced the threat of myocardial infarction as compared to participants who ate no chocolate. Results suggest that chocolate may be related to a lower risk for heart attacks and heart disease.

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