Skip The Butter This Thanksgiving

Skip The Butter This Thanksgiving

  • Make Thanksgiving A Healthy One

While November is here and Thanksgiving is just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the delicious menu we will soon enjoy. Whether you’re planning to host or attend a holiday gathering, here are a few things to consider for a heart-healthy Thanksgiving:

  • Skip turkeys that are pre-based with butter.
  • If you are using the turkey drippings to make gravy, skim off all the oil first.
  • Cook the stuffing on the side instead of in the turkey.
  • Give your favorite side dishes a healthy boost with lower fat, higher fiber ingredients.
  • Fill your plate half full with salad and vegetable side dishes first.
  • Enjoy your turkey with small amounts of gravy and cranberry sauce.
  • Silence your sweet tooth with fruit.

An Unexpected Benefit Of Exercise

  • Exercise Hormone Helps Shed Fat

The hormone ‘irisin’ was discovered in 2012 and it was found that hormone levels rise through exercise, converting bad fat into good fat. This conversion of the good fat burns more calories than exercise alone, which is beneficial for those looking to shed a few pounds. New research shows promise as a possible target to support those with obesity and type 2 diabetes, reduce plague buildup in arteries, and prevent inflammation in the cells.

Vitamin C For Wrinkles

  • Ultimate Anti-aging Vitamin

Recently, scientists have found many new ways vitamin C can help you stay healthy and look and feel younger. First, antioxidants like vitamin C help turn back the clock and form collagen, which smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Some evidence shows it also reduces risk of cardiovascular disease, can lower the risk of cancer, boost brain power, save your eyesight and boost your immunity. Have you had your vitamin C today?

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