The Secret Fat-Burning Ingredient for Your Next Smoothie

The Secret Fat-Burning Ingredient for Your Next Smoothie

  • Fat-Burning Smoothie

While it seems there are smoothie shops everywhere we turn, a lot of these can also be loaded with added sugar. That being said, the right smoothie can help you achieve your weight loss goals. It’s important to read your mix-in levels carefully. Plus, there’s a secret ingredient you can use that turns up your smoothie’s fat-burning power: spices. They can add calorie-free flavor to any dish, and ‘sweet spices’ like cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger have been shown to boost satiety and mimic sweetness, allowing you to cut back on sugar but not taste. It’s a win-win.

Stopping the Superbug Spread

  • Stopping Superbugs

A misuse of antibiotics is causing an influx of superbugs worldwide. This is common from patients who pressure their doctors for antibiotics when they are sick. In many cases, people who are sick are infected with a virus to which antibiotics have no effect. So, it’s important to keep that in mind next time you want to take antibiotics.

Scientists May Have Figured Out Why Olive Oil is so Healthy

  • Olive Oil

A traditional Mediterranean diet with added olive oil may be tied to a lower risk of heart disease, in part because it helps maintain healthy blood flow and clear debris from arteries. “For people who are interested in reducing their risk of heart disease, the Mediterranean diet is probably the best proven diet to reduce risk,” said Dr. Daniel Rader of the University of Pennsylvania. “I think the majority of people who don’t have other major dietary concerns should look toward the Mediterranean diet as a heart healthy diet.” Will you jump on this trend?

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