Supplements for Treating Knee Conditions

Supplements for Treating Knee Conditions

  • Supplements for Treating Knee Conditions

Those with knee osteoarthritis often experience pain and difficulty with mobility. Recent studies suggest that dietary intake of glucosamine with chondroitin sulfate may reduce pain, relieve stiffness, and improve function. As part of the study, researchers also evaluated the effectiveness of this supplement compared to an anti-inflammatory drug typically prescribed for the condition called celecoxib. Results after 6 months showed that the glucosamine-chondrotin supplement had comparable effectiveness in treating pain and stiffness while benefiting function for patients with knee osteoarthritis.

Regular Exercise Stimulates Brain Health

  • Regular Exercise Stimulates Brain Health

In a new study, researchers observed oxygen availability which relates to good brain health and cognitive function. Colleagues assessed the role that exercise plays on oxygen availability in the front part of the brain that is used when performing complex cognitive tasks. Results showed that regular physical activity among women led to health benefits for the brain by producing higher oxygen availability in the brain. This finding on the relationship between oxygen in the brain and consistent exercise may give greater insight toward understanding exercise-cognition links.

Yoga Improves Arthritis Symptoms

  • Yoga Improves Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis affects 1 in 5 adults and is a leading cause of disability. Without treatment arthritis can affect mobility and overall quality of life. In a recent study, 75 men and women ages 18 years and older with knee osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis participated in yoga classes twice a week for eight weeks, plus an at-home session every week compared to a control group that did not perform yoga. Those that practiced yoga reported a 20% improvement in pain, energy levels, mood and physical function, the effects of which were still evident nine months after they completed the study. Based on these initial findings, researchers suggest that yoga may help sedentary adults who have arthritis to safely increase physical activity, and thereby improve physical and psychological health for a greater quality of life.

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